Volunteering at the Center
Be a Part of Our Team and Discover the Heart of Mosque Volunteering
Welcome to the vibrant world of mosque volunteering, where our cultural heritage extends a warm welcome and culture embraces compassion. Our historic mosques are more than architectural marvels; they are living symbols of heritage, faith, and unity. Join us on a journey to bridge the past with the present, to connect with visitors from around the world, and to be part of a warm, welcoming community.
As a mosque volunteer, you'll have the opportunity to participate at our KIM Academy, which proudly presents its unique Dawah Awareness Training Programme (MDM), designed to empower individuals aged 18 and above with the essential knowledge and skills to confidently present Islam to the world. This comprehensive program not only equips participants with contemporary Dawah techniques but also fosters a supportive community for engaging discussions and practical training. Our modules cover a spectrum of topics, from understanding Dawah and its methodologies.
By joining our team, you'll have the opportunity to develop your Dawah skills, gain soft skills, and contribute to meaningful efforts. Embrace the chance to interact with diverse cultures, befriend with new converts, and become an integral part of the Muslim Converts Association and its unique world full of diversity!

Come, be a part of our team, foster team spirit, and experience the beauty of daily prayers at Suleymaniye Mosque. Unleash your passion for Dawah and make a meaningful impact on the world. Join KIM Academy, where unique Dawah training meets cultural diversity and community enrichment.
How the Volunteering Process Works
Fill in the Online Application Form
Provide your personal information through a quick and easy online form.
First Interview
This interview is done face to face in our center, it is an interview for overall assessment.
Join the Online Invitation Training Program
Engage in approximately 12 hours of online training on our volunteer platform.
Take the Online Interview
Participate in a second interview which is to evaluate your dawah knowledge.
Complete Field Training with Experienced Volunteers
In this stage, you will be listening to senior volunteers who are doing dawah work in the mosque.
Join the Orientation Program to Begin Volunteering
Attend an orientation program that marks the start of your volunteering journey with us.
Beyond Duty: Insights from Our Volunteers in Action
(in their native language)
You can always reach us, and you can visit our Foundation by making an appointment through our corporate line below.

+90 553 7871846
Süleymaniye, Kanuni Medresesi Sk. No: 20/1, 34116 Fatih/İstanbul
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