Kim Academy
Embark on a comprehensive training journey to become a Kim Foundation volunteer, blended with both theory and practice.
Our online "Mosque Invitation Method" program, comprising 8 modules, distills 13 years of experience, guiding volunteers through the foundations of our invitation methodology.

Application Process
Apply through the link, upload your CV and answer motivational questions.
Receive acceptance via email, along with a link to access the first 3 modules of "Mosque Invitation Method" training. After watching the first 3 modules, the applicant requests an appointment for an online interview through the system.

Online Interview
After completing the initial modules, an online interview is scheduled to evaluate your comprehension and communication skills. During this session, you will respond to questions pertaining to the first three modules, demonstrating your proficiency and ability to convey ideas effectively. Following this assessment, your readiness for the next stage will be determined. The necessary number of volunteers you are going to listen in the field training will be identified.

Practical Fieldwork
Successful candidates participate in flexible fieldwork, where they observe experienced volunteers while progressing through the remaining 5 modules. Fieldwork is designed to accommodate varying schedules and is available seven days a week.

Role Play and Certification
Upon completion of videos and fieldwork, candidates will undergo a role-play test. Successfully passing this assessment grants you the privilege to wear a badge, symbolizing your certification as a Kim volunteer.
You can always reach us, and you can visit our Foundation by making an appointment through our corporate line below.

+90 553 7871846
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