KIM Foundation
Welcome to the KIM Foundation, where warmth and a wonderful atmosphere awaits you. Explore our mission and activities. We have been enriching Istanbul since 2010.
Who are we?
As Center for Cross-cultural Communication (Kim Foundation with its Turkish abbreviation) since our establishment in 2010, we have been introducing Islam to tourists from all around the world in the historical sites that constitute the heart of Turkish cultural heritage in Istanbul.

These encounters take place through one-on-one conversations and presentations at significant locations such as at the Suleymaniye Mosque which is the largest Ottoman Imperial Mosque and Complex, at our Foundation Center just behind the Suleymaniye Library of Hand-Written Manuscripts, at the Beyazıt Mosque, and at the Sinan Erdebili Lodge next to the Hagia Sophia Mosque.
KIM Events
  • Iftars
    During Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, we organize a joint iftar, breaking the fast at sunset, bringing guests, volunteers and sponsors together, to celebrate this meaningful time together.
  • Friday Prayers
    We invite our guests to Friday prayer to share in the joy of our unity and the goodness and blessings of Friday.
  • Breakfasts
    Every Friday and Saturday, we invite everyone to a delightful Turkish breakfast fostering connections and creating memorable moments.
  • Seminars and Trainings
    We organize training workshops and seminars designed for both new Muslims and dedicated volunteers.
KIM in Numbers

With your support, we continue our impactful work

  • 1500+
    Monthly Visitors
  • 35+
    Active Volunteers
  • 15000+
    Monthly Book and Brochure Distributions
Join us as a Volunteer or Sponsor
Volunteers share the history of the Süleymaniye Mosque and Islamic culture, dispel misconceptions about Islam, and tell a fascinating story about the origins of Islam and the pillars of the faith.
Explore ways to contribute to KİM Foundation's activities—whether through active participation, referrals, prayers, or financial support, your involvement makes a difference.
Media Highlights
Süleymaniye'de gönüllüler turistlere İslam'ı anlatıyor
Söz Milletin
Yolunu Kaybedip İslam'ı buldu
Ahmet Bulut
Dünyanın dört bir yanından gelen gayrimüslimlere İslam’ı anlatıyorlar
Anadolu Ajansı
The Center is not affiliated with any institution or organization. It was founded in 2010 by academics and businessmen who believe that it is an obligation to introduce Islam to foreign visitors who come to Turkey and enter the mosque.
You can always reach us, and you can visit our Foundation by making an appointment through our corporate line below.
+90 553 7871846
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